3 People Reveal How They Ended Their Toxic Friendships


Toxic friendships will make your crazy. Find out how these people had the strength to move on.

Friendships are a beautiful thing. A good friendship means you have someone to call at 2 a.m. when a problem is eating you alive. You get to learn and grow and have fun times together.Your good friends have your back— they tell it to you like it is and support you when you’re a wreck.

Happiness studies show that people need at least 1 significant relationship in their life to be happy. Because we are social beings, it’s natural and healthy for us to seek out others for mutual closeness.

But what if that connection goes wrong and becomes toxic. Sometimes people change — or maybe we didn’t really know our friend in the first place. You now discover that this person doesn’t value or care about you friendship. You feel angry, hurt and betrayed. 

The following are three stories of good friends gone wrong  so much so that their relationships became toxic, and something had to change:

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