Don't let the love of your life become your room mate!

Don’t let the love of your life become your roommate!

It’s very healthy to relax into your marriage — but going comatose is another thing. We often think our relationships will just hum along, but one day — boom the romance is dead

On my social media network, I asked thousands of men and women of various ages and backgrounds what women do that drains passion from their love life. Here’s what they had to say:

1. You have a bad attitude.

There are women who think the world owes them something. Complaining is a daily or even an hourly event. They sneer at their loved one, rarely smile and are just plain out mean. No man (or woman!) wants to be part of that.

Their disposition will rub off on their loved one in one of two ways: they will end up leaving them or disconnecting from them. Who wants to end up lonely and bitter? No one I know.

2. You don’t even try to look good.

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