I'm 51 And Just Finding Love And Getting Married

I took life as it came. And then he came.

I felt like there was something out of sorts with me as I moved through my 20s. Throw in lots of insecurity and a dash of yo-yo dieting and weight management issues, and we have a nice recipe for loneliness.

I was out partying and playing and trying not to pay much attention to the fact that most of my friends were getting married. I just blocked it out for the most part and did my own thing. When it was in my face, I just got through it as best as I could.

Oh, there were boys and dates and boyfriends but nothing truly substantial, as there was no way my psyche was truly ready for all that. Easy come, easy go.

Well, not always easy go as I deeply suffered my share of heartbreak. However, I was living in a world that focuses on the surface with really very little substance (which pains me to admit).

I really began to freak out about my love life in my 30’s, but the process of self-exploration was in full-throttle mode. I had relationships but I really don’t remember most of them. I guess I just blocked them out or lumped them into the abyss.