Until He Puts Effort Into These 10 Things, DON’T MARRY HIM

You deserve the best. Never marry a man who can’t or won’t provide these.

I waited a very long time to get married. I just got engaged last year and I’m way over 40! That deserves an exclamation point because I suffered through so much heartache, as I’m sure you have too, it sends my thoughts spinning to think about it.

We’ve seen and been through it all ladies — we’ve suffered through not being his priority, all his problems, his promises that as soon as “fill in the blank” changes, we’ll be together. I could go on and on and on…

Is waiting for him to change worth it? If he does put more effort into your relationship, will it last long enough for marriage? Let’s take a look at some must haves before you even consider say “Yes” and “I Do”:

1. He must be able to talk to you about anything especially the hard stuff.

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