This Is How To Make A Woman Love You

5 secrets to winning her heart forever.

Women often tell me that their hearts would melt if they could just find a guy who really cared about a relationship. Sometimes, they say, it appears that men are indifferent — it’s like “deer in the headlights” when we talk to you and you just come off plain selfish.

I also hear from men that they are frustrated because they just don’t understand women. They say things like “What do you want from us?”, “You’re confusing” or “Huh.”

Ladies, perhaps we need to take a step back for a moment. Men are perplexed because we can give them mixed signals and sometimes, it just turns them off.

There are many reasons we can be a bit complicated at times, some of which include our own insecurities. We’ve been hurt and it jolts us to our core. That pain causes relationship mayhem and makes you guys want to run into your cave to safety from the storm.  

What a mess, huh? Well, do not fear because it’s time to give men a break!

Men, if you want to learn all the secrets on how to make a woman love you and keep her in your life, read on:

1. Do what you do best: being a guy.

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