Keynotes & Presentations

Live Happy – Live Better

Enhance your happiness level during this fun and interactive presentation. Everyone wants to feel their best, especially during our most challenging times. We will discuss how to raise and keep your level of happiness higher and the magic formula to feeling your best as your life changes and transitions over time. Our time will be well spent in group participation as well as interactive exercises that will help you get and keep you in the positive mindset. Program can be focused on personal and professional relationships.

Programs can be done in a short format, keynote or lengthier workshop. Great for personal development days, wellness days, corporate events and conferences. All programs include lively participant and presenter interactions, exercises, and videos if technology is available. Contact for pricing options-


Getting Married at Last-My Journey from Hopelessness to Happiness Book Presentation and Discussion

This fun, lively presentation will revolve around the book’s major themes including: RelationshipsMoving through StrugglesPersonal Revelations and Living Your Happiest Life.

  • Readings from my book will allow participants to gain understanding around my journey to self-love and openness to relationships and how to apply to themselves.
  • Discussions around how book applies to personal self-care and self-love, gratitude, loving partnerships, and becoming your most open and happy self.
  • Thoughtful reflection on how to be more present, self-aware, and achieve more mindfulness.
  • FREE with permission to offer books for sale.


Presentation Credentials

  • Several published articles reaching thousands of readers through magazines, blog and syndication on happiness, relationships and well-being.
  • Over 23 years of presentations provided to very small groups and up to 1,000 participants. Topics include happiness, various soft skills and personal development.
  • Several years of college teaching experience in counseling/social sciences.
  • Certified Program Planner from LERN®.

Book Lori: Lori A. Peters, BSBA- Marketing Management and MS in Counseling, Certified Program Planner Pricing available upon request and will be customized per client needs.