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Writing Services

Writing Services available for various media outlets on relationships/happiness.

Several published articles reaching thousands of readers through magazines, blog and syndication on happiness, relationships and well-being.

Published articles: Your Tango, Huffington Post, Brides, Fox News Magazine, All4Women

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Testimonials for Lori’s writing- this is just a small sampling:

Really enjoyed your article on Huff Post Lori, keep writing- you’re a natural- Jenny G

When Lori Peters joined the writers of The Magic Happens Magazine, it was clear that we were joined by a real gem. Lori’s unique perspective and training brings a fresh new line of thinking to the magazine. It has been a pleasure and a joy to watch her grow and expand as a writer and her contributions  are growing in value and insight. Kat McCarthy-Owner/Operator-The Magic Happens Magazine

You’re going viral in a good way Lori Peters- Steve K

Another great Huffington Post Article by Lori Peters! An especially good read during this “engagement” season… Susan H

I find your articles not only great fun, but full of wisdom and insight!- Kay M. R.

This was a great read. My best friend is struggling with a lot of these issues. I’m very blessed to have a soulmate (34+ years). I want everyone to have what Mark and I have. I love reading your articles. Cherie C

Lori, your articles are so sincere that I feel like I am sitting next to you. If people followed your advice, the divorce rate would go down. Good job. Marianne M

Lori you are a fabulous writer – so impressed each time I read one of your articles! Joanna D

51 And Just Getting Married: A Thank You Note To My Dog impacted me so much it made this dog lover cry. Kristen 

Amazing piece from an amazing woman!!! As always, I am inspired!!!! Dianne S

It’s a beautiful article, so honest and heartfelt. I’m not surprised it was picked up in a big way and am very proud!- Allison R

Lori, what an amazing article and what an inspiration to so many! So happy for you! Carol G

Hey we have a lot in common – except I’m not anywhere near the alter yet.Tammy W

Loved reading it! You may feel that your journey was different than that of your friends…but as I read on, many similarities. Fantastic read- Angel A

Great article! And it’s true regardless of how long you’ve been married or not – embrace the fun and joy in life…let go of the worry…and the ride is really quite something. 🙂
I’m eager to read more of your stuff. Mandy D


Presentations and Keynotes  

Live Happy- Live Better Enhance your happiness level during this fun and interactive presentation. Everyone wants to feel their best, especially during our most challenging times. We will discuss how to raise and keep your level of happiness higher and the magic formula to feeling your best as your life changes and transitions over time. Our time will be well spent in group participation as well as interactive exercises that will help you get and keep you in the positive mindset. Program can be focused on personal and professional relationships.

Programs can be done in a short format, keynote or lengthier workshop. Great for personal development days, wellness days, corporate events and conferences. All programs include lively participant and presenter interactions, exercises, and videos if technology is available. Contact for pricing options- happyhangout@gmail.com 

Presentation CredentialsLori's pic

  • Several published articles reaching thousands of readers through magazines, blog and syndication on happiness, relationships and well-being.
  • Over 23 years of presentations provided to very small groups and up to 1,000 participants. Topics include happiness, various soft skills and personal development.
  • Several years of college teaching experience in counseling/social sciences.
  • Certified Program Planner from LERN®.

Contact Information: Lori A. Peters, BSBA- Marketing Management and MS in Counseling, Certified Program Planner  happyhangout@gmail.com. Pricing available upon request and will be customized per client needs.


  • Lori is such a professional. She has been a guest speaker for several of my corporate clients and her presentations are thoroughly enjoyable and incredibly informative. I look forward to have her return. Kim Hemminger RN BSN CHNC, Health and Wellness Manager, Wellness Works For You
  • Lori Peters is an outstanding presenter. She does a great job engaging her audience with content that is practical and meaningful. The participants left her program motivated with information they could put to use immediately. Cyndi McCabe, Job Placement Coordinator- Lorain County Community College
  • Lori has been a presenter for our organization numerous times at our Conventions/local chapters. Her speaking style is lively, fun and energetic. She is always well prepared for the audience and can go off the cuff when needed. I would highly recommend her for personal development topics at conferences or at your next event. Keeley McDonald- Zeta Tau Alpha Former National President
  • Having experienced Lori’s presentations in both personal development and volunteer management over the last several years, I would urge anyone looking for a speaker to have Lori at their next event. Lori’s dynamic and energizing presentations are done effortlessly and will leave you wanting more. Inviting her to your event should be on your “must do” list. You’ll be happy you did! Beth Rush- Children’s Librarian and Volunteer
  • Lori has represented my business in a very dynamic way. She speaks to large groups in a fun and informative way and they respond to her very well. I would highly recommend her to speak at your next event Michael Krysiak- Owner and President- Aire Serv of Strongsville
  • I have been part of the audience when Lori has provided presentations to various networking, educational and civic groups. I would highly recommend her as she has an energetic and interactive style that connects with audiences. Lena Knight- Midpoint Campus Center Coordinator
  • I worked directly with Lori in a management, training, and supervising capacity.  She frequently trained small and large groups of volunteers in various volunteer management topics, and personal development.  Lori is organized, efficient and FUN, and her speaking style is energetic and inspiring!  Consider Lori as your speaker at your next event. Helen Fish- Former ZTA National Council
  • She would be a top-notch presenter for your event in the area of personal development/well-being and happinessEdd Krammer- Owner- Aire Serv of Mentor